Estlcam Version 12:

Estlcam Version 11:

Test Estlcam for free:
  • The free version is fully functional..
  • Just download, install and try...

Version 11 or 12?

  • Version 11:
    • Matured and reliable.
    • However: no further development.
    • Also works on old computers down to Windows XP.
  • Version 12:
    • New and in active development.
    • But surely still some undiscovered bugs.
    • Windows 10 and 11 only (Windows 7 with Microsoft .NET 4.8).
  • Both versions can be installed and used at the same time...
  • Licenses for version 12 are also valid for version 11...
  • Migrating from V11 to V12:
    • Old Project and settings files are unfortunately incompatible.
      (Sorry, but will stay this way - far too much work)...
    • Handwheel pendants without joystick are also not compatible anymore.
      Handwheels with joystick work fine...

Estlcam is a CAM and CNC control program

  • 2D / 2.5D CNC programs from drawings in DXF or SVG format:
    • Workpieces with cutouts, drill holes, pockets, engravings...
    • V-Carves, text engravings, chamfering, thread milling, trochoidal milling and many more...
  • CNC Mill control:
    • Inexpensive USB control hardware...
    • Easy control with gamepads, handwheel pendands, keyboard and mouse...
    • Extensive functions to setup workpieces e.g. with angle compensation...
  • 3D CNC programs from STL files...
  • Picture and QR code machining from PNG JPG and GIF pictures...

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