CNC Control panel

I only sell this product in Germany - sorry...

But the hardware design is freely available for reproduction!


  • The Control Panel is connected by a Mini-DIN cable to the according connectors on the Terminal Adapter or LPT / Parallel Port Adapter.
  • Make sure the cable is inserted completely into the connector - it sometimes needs a little push...


  • Go to the "Controls" tab in the CNC controller configuration window...
  • You first need to calibrate the knobs:
    • Turn both knobs to the "0" markings.
      • Then click both 0% buttons...
    • Turn the "F" knob to the "100" marking and the "S" knob to "200".
      • Then click the 100 and 200% buttons...
  • Don't forget to enable feed and speed override by checking the according checkboxes!

Hardware design release Estlcam CNC Control Panel:

Production, sales and customer support for Estlcam hardware is taking up far too much time by now.
I want to be able to focus more on software development again which unfortunately slowed to a crawl over the last year.
Also I'm only shipping hardware within Germany and constantly have to turn down international customers.
So... I decided to release all Estlcam hardware designs for everyone to use...

No limit or warranty! Use at your own risk!

Conditions for personal use:
  • There is one very important condition for personal use: It must not cost any of my time!
  • Please don't be mad at me but questions regarding personal reproductions will usually not be answered - otherwise the result would be the complete opposite of saving time.
Conditions for commercial use:
  • Commercial reproductions are allowed and even very welcome.
  • Adaptions, further development or use for other projects even if not related to Estlcam are also OK.
  • But I take no responsibility and no liability for the data or final product!
  • Customer support for your products is your responsibility!
  • Your product needs to be distinguishable from my own products! (Your product must at least have a well sticking label with your address.)


Technical information Mini-DIN connector / communication protocol:

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